Friday, August 7, 2009

Ya Wanna Look Fly Right?

Levis Jeans are the cheapest flyest jeans out there. They have a big selection of different types of jeans that can appeal to a bigger crowd, and satisfy the people. For the price of a pair of true religion jeans, one can buy 6 pairs of Levis jeans. A lot of people are bluffing on the money tip, acting like they got it like that, but they spend their whole pay check on one pair of jeans. It's never that serious if your not making money like that, or even if you are. You can never go wrong with Levis. Get yourself some Levis jeans, save some money, stack up, and then go spoil yourself on some Antique Denims, or Diesel jeans, or what not. I mean, i got my pair on.... Do you???


  1. this post is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! i rocks wit levi's though.

  2. lol, like i Said, ya can never go wrong ya dig lol