Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was ahead of my time, even though G-Shock watches were out for a minute. In 2003 when the watches were much cheaper, for $50 i got a blue G-Shock(resembles picture on bottom), along with a Baby G-Shock. They got more expensive over the years and became real popular among many. Now the Luv for the G-shock is spreading. I mean.. its just a Sports Watch. One of the best sports watches I've ever seen. I recently bought another one because i decided to get back on my old flow with G-Shocks. Now i have the AW 590-1 on the top(black and silver). One of the hottest watches that Casio has made.



  1. i gotta cop me one! that black one is tuff.

  2. Yea you have to get one. The official, you just have to call and place the order, and it will get to you in one day.