Saturday, August 15, 2009

lil Wayne

A lot of people dislike, hate, despise--or "whichever way they feel"-- lil Wayne. I can say he has came along way with his rap career. Starting at an early age, lil Wayne has evolved into one of the best rappers alive. He certainly goes in my top 10. From his first album, "The Block is Hot" to his latest Rock Album "The Rebirth" lil Wayne has yet to disappoint many, considering he has disappointed many also (lol). He has had many mixtapes of which i have had the oppurtunity to listen to almost all of them. He has went from a quiet rapper with a situational rapping style, to a louder spoken rapper with different levels of tones and bases in his voice, with outbursts of "yea" and random sayings of "young mula baby". His play on words is almost astounding, and it keeps the people entertained. He has also developed styles such as Jay Z and Nas. In Nas's song, "I Gave you Power", he talks about a gun as a real living thing. I won't get into too much detail, and in lil Waynes song "What the 380 Said", Wayne talks of a gun being a sexy female. Again not getting into detail, Wayne has come along way. He is also one to recycle lines from other artist, but I'm not mad at him for that because he is not alone, as many rappers do the same thing, or use the same concepts of other rappers. He has just signed an elite team of present day rappers to "Young Money Records". He's doing the dam thing. As i said earlier look at where he started and look at where he stands. He has evolved with time, and hopefully he doesnt evolve too much (lol). From about 3 tatoo's to like 100, he has done a lot to himself. I wouldnt recommend some of the peircing he has. And he has went crazy from just smoking weed to doing all sorts of drugs, and drinking the dangerous sizzurp(cough syrup). He has always faced controversy since his earlier days from when people would say young Turk of the hot Boys was better then lil Wayne and all the rest of the Hot Boys. But Turk was going hard at the time. It was sad to see the Hot Boys break up as for the rest of Cash Money. Lil Wayne has showed his strenght by still remaining where he started, and now making millions. He has always been an influence from wearing the bandana's and white tee's to cuffing the crisp jeans and wearing the matching jean jackets with the jeans pants. Now even though this is over board he has gone to the skaterboard look with many tatoo's and peircings. I've seen many people, even grown men, attempting this look. i think its over board "but when your great, it's not murder, it's assasinate". Lil wayne keep doing your thing. And for all these people who don't know about the original lil wayne, check out all the old mixtapes like "Squad Up" and his early albums, like 500 degreez" and see how far this guy has came along from the 90's to the 2000's.

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